Fire & Safety

Implementing the right fire and safety strategy in your home and work spaceĀ is crucial to ensure the best protection for your property and its occupants. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss how Appliance Testing & Tagging; Fire Detection Systems and Emergency Lightening & Maintenance Testing all play a key role for your piece of mind.

Appliance Testing & Tagging

Protect your family or employees from fires or electrocution caused by faulty electrical equipment!

As an employer, it is your legal responsibility to ensure your workplace is safeguarded from fires caused by faulty electrical appliances. Read More

Fire Detection

Fire detection systems are compulsory and used to signal a fire so personnel can use the appropriate safety practices to evacuate the premises safely. Read More

Emergency Lighting & Maintenance Testing

In the case of a fire or emergency, clear exit paths are a necessary to guide people out of danger. Mandatory inspections of emergency lighting systems are required by law to ensure reliability should a fire occur. Read More

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