Automation is the latest, highly sought after electrical technology used in homes and workspaces for efficiency and convenience.

Automation works when electrical components (e.g. lights, TV, air conditioning, entertainment systems, electric blinds, security) are programmed to” talk to” each other allowing one or more functions to occur. These commands are programmed at one central location (e.g. laptop) and operated by the end user(us) via touch panels and or remote controls onsite or even remotely from our smartphone!

Imagine coming home from a long day at work in the middle of Winter and pressing a “welcome home” button on your remote control . One press automatically provides lighting in the driveway, opens your garage, switches off your alarm and switches on heating and lighting in the main living areas!

Automation is also becoming increasingly popular with home theatre. Simply press one button to draw the blinds, dim lights and play your favourite movie!

Have you finally arrived at work only to remember you forgot to arm the house? Simply use you’re your smartphone to activate your house alarm and get some piece of mind!

Why waste electricity when it’s not needed? Use automation to support your green initiatives and reduce your energy bills!

Automation uses technology to detect, through movement, an occupied room, allowing services such as lighting and A/C to be operated only when it is needed. When the area is vacated, these services are automatically minimalized or turned off completely.

Automation also intelligently monitors the level of natural light in the room on any given day and adjusts additional lighting by dimming or brightening lights only when it is required. For example, there would be more demand for more lighting on a cloudy day as opposed to a bright sunny day.

The opportunities are endless and you can decide how basic or sophisticated your automated system needs will be. Better still, automation is flexible so you can add or delete functions as you wish to accommodate your changing lifestyle.